Month: February 2016

Making hairs look good (Part 1)

So, i haven’t posted in a while, so i’m going to do a feature about making different hairs look good with different things. There are some REALLY ugly hairs on Fantage, and some really cute ones. So, let’s start:

Crazy Blonde Pigtailsweasleyyqueen_20160217071656_2971 i like that hair, and i think it goes quite nicely with that outfit. I am wearing:

Crazy Blonde Pigtails,

Sparkle Jacket W/ Shirt,

Black and White Shorts

Cleopatra Sandals

St. Patricks Hat

Black Feather Board.

FASHION TIP: With this hair, it’s good to have a hat of some sort.


2. This next hair is Gianna1245’s Princess hair. When i first got it, i was in love with this hair, i totally adored it, just ask anyone.


Just Look how ADORABLEY CUTE that is. Im Wearing:

Gianna1245’s princess hair

Floral Wreath

Reading Glasses

Guru Outfit

Pink Feather Board.


That’s it for now, but in part 2, i will be putting in other fantagians and their amazing hairstyles.