Ninja Cats VS Cucumbers

It’s a well known fact that cats are scared of cucumber


But, to me, it seems, Fantage have overlooked this fact on their newest event.


Ninja Cats VS Cucumbers has started


In this event, you musty play games to win Sushi


Which you can also pay 2,000 gold for. Each sushi helps you level up, earning medals.

The real “story” behind this event is, and i quote Fantage here “These sushi loving ninjas are causing all the fantagians to become S-L-O-W when they move around. BUT! Their weakness is cucumber”


The Cucumber outfit you buy (Only available with gold, sadly) is way overpriced, but is said to protect you whilst you play the games, which are: Fish Fish, BoBo Fish and Jelly Fishin’ (see the theme?)

Here are the outfits: screenshot-460

In total the Cucumber outfit will cost you: 14,000 gold

The Ninja Cat costume will cost: 29,000 stars or 14,500 gold.



Medal info is there for you.


Enjoy this event!




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