Month: June 2016

50 Followers Giveaway!

Le Fantage Fruits

Hey guys! I’m sorry for spamming you with posts, but I’m starting my 50 followers giveaway!

So let’s start with prizes, cause who doesn’t like prizes? Anyways, here they are:

1st place: an edit of their choice, an animated or regular signature, and a week of advertising their blog on this one!

2nd place: an edit of their choice, an animated or regular signature, and 3 days of advertising their blog on this one!

3rd place:  an edit of their choice and 1 day of advertising their blog on this one!

Okay! Now that you know the prizes, this is how you could get them (or entries):

Comment “50 Followers!”


Okay! Now extra entries!:

Like this post = 1 extra entry

Like 5 of my posts = 3 extra entries

Comment 1 thing you like and 1 thing you don’t like about my blog = 3 extra entries (to get…

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Music Fandoms

So, just thought i’d show you guys some of my favourite singers/bands. Be warned!

colors-hayley-williams-paramore-photography-pretty-favim-com-269447_large Queen, Hayley Williams ❤

paramore20photo201 Paramore, my life ❤

31192ebb12774035905ab7d5bf3174c4 I am machine and Never too late both rock ❤

top-five-my-chemical-romance-songs-01 My favourite MCR songs are Helena, Give ’em hell Kid and I’m not okay

the-kooks-socialThe Kooks are fabulous ❤

ed-sheeran-new-songs-in-2016I can’t even get over how adorably ginger he is ❤

twenty_one_pilots1 Twenty One Pilots… are just amazing

snowpatrol_1 I don’t know if any of you guys have heard of Snow Patrol… but they’re amazing

foo20fighters20officail The Foo Fighters… amazingness in the form of long and short haired men.

86544300_09d649a9-efc7-4046-b26d-d6a0ab53538f Coldplay ❤

xlegn7mo Another queen of mine, P!nk

avril-lavigne-press-650b I want to be like that. Avril Lavigne is just amazing.