Music Fandoms

So, just thought i’d show you guys some of my favourite singers/bands. Be warned!

colors-hayley-williams-paramore-photography-pretty-favim-com-269447_large Queen, Hayley Williams ❤

paramore20photo201 Paramore, my life ❤

31192ebb12774035905ab7d5bf3174c4 I am machine and Never too late both rock ❤

top-five-my-chemical-romance-songs-01 My favourite MCR songs are Helena, Give ’em hell Kid and I’m not okay

the-kooks-socialThe Kooks are fabulous ❤

ed-sheeran-new-songs-in-2016I can’t even get over how adorably ginger he is ❤

twenty_one_pilots1 Twenty One Pilots… are just amazing

snowpatrol_1 I don’t know if any of you guys have heard of Snow Patrol… but they’re amazing

foo20fighters20officail The Foo Fighters… amazingness in the form of long and short haired men.

86544300_09d649a9-efc7-4046-b26d-d6a0ab53538f Coldplay ❤

xlegn7mo Another queen of mine, P!nk

avril-lavigne-press-650b I want to be like that. Avril Lavigne is just amazing.


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