Hello, you lovely people!

Hello everybody! It’s new year, and i’ve almost been on the fabulous Bearville Rainy Days for a whole year! So, i’ve decided to give out some awards to y’all.

So anyone on BRD is welcome to attend tonight/today. I’m very unsure of different time scales, so i will be posting this on the actual forum itself. Anyone not on BRD is welcome to attend. I count all you FTWP’s as friends!

Awards up for grabs:





Most obsessive fangirl

Least obsessive fangirl:

Best name:

and many more!

Stay tuned to join my awards ceremony!

Ugly item turned pretty 2

“Pink and Aqua Jacket with Spikes”

AAAAAAH! i hate those things! unless you colour-coordinate everything pretty much perfectly you look like a gormless newbie. It’s pretty much a challenge to even ACCEPT owning one. But, i tried my best:


I’ve used:

Shiny Fancy Hair

Pink And Aqua Jacket With Spiked

Dark Skinny Jeans

Pink Feather Board

MP3 Player

Pink Cat Ears

Yep, i know it’s a lot for one tiny little jacket, but trust me, colour co-ordination is KEY.

Top Tips:

  1. Pick a colour and RUN with it. In the picture, i took the pink element of the jacket and toned it down to create a more neutral effect. Plus the colour that you haven’t done anything with now creates a brighter, more eye-catching effect.
  2. Accesorising the hair is a good idea. It adds something different to the outfit so it’s not just the TYPICAL outfit, like in the picture.
  3. The board is quite a key part to coordinating the outfit. I couldn’t just stick a bright yellow board in right there. The style and colour of the board could emphasise or overshadow the whole outfit. Go for similar colours and quite a simple style.
  4. An accessory is not key, but a small subtle one often works for effect, e.g the MP3 player.

Ugly Item Turned Pretty 1

“Cute Red Ponytail” I have five of those things. They look really bad because they are quite short, but here’s what i’ve managed to do with it:

weasleyyqueen_20160101081820_3923 Okay, so what we have here:

Mouse band

Cute Red Ponytail

Cleopatra Sandles

Brown Board

Patterned Themed Outfit

Black Leather Jacket


Okay so here are a few tips i’d like to give you:

  1. With the hair being basic, it’s not a good idea to go with plain dresses, as they don’t add anything to the outfit, and it looks quite… flat.
  2. Add subtle little hints of other colours. Red and Brown are next to each other on the colour wheel, and black goes with pretty much anything. NEVER make the full outfit red, just like you NEVER wear double denim.
  3. Don’t make the board TOO extravagant. It detracts attention from the outfit and makes it look quite plain. That’s what you DON’T want.


Fantage New Years Outfit

Happy new year everybody! So, i decided i’d post a few of my new years outfits, one of them inspired by Marina. it’s such an adorable look!

  1. The Marina (as i’m going to call it)weasleyyqueen_20160101080444_6810 ignore the other randomer, im Weasleyyqueen


2. The Intrigued

weasleyyqueen_20160101080637_6429 As you can see, i’m totally in love with that board!


3. Casual Partygoer

weasleyyqueen_20160101080829_8203 That one is actually really cute O___o


4. Sassy Beachwear

weasleyyqueen_20160101081042_5411 That board is so much cuter than it looks O___O


5. #2016goals

weasleyyqueen_20160101081305_6118 Yeah i know that one’s sort of lame but it looks quite adorable ❤


New blog feature coming your way: in the Lucky bot, i keep getting these AWFUL items, so i would like to start a little feature where someone suggests me an ugly item they hate and i try to upgrade it